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The best 3 wheeled body powered vehicle to be steered with just 1 hand! 200mm wheels for maximum stability and comfy deck with plenty of footspace, in addition to low enough height to be able to cruise around safely with your child.  Add to this quality bearings and easily operated handbrake you end up with Raybike Cruiser! In addition it comes fully assembled

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Product Description


The best 3 wheeled body powered scooter for adults to be steered with just 1 hand! 200mm wheels for maximum speed, comfy and stable deck with plenty of footspace, in addition to low enough height of the deck to be able to cruise around safely on your own or even with your child, better yet – walking your energetic dog.  You add to this crazy good bearings and easily operated handbrake you end up with Raybike Cruiser! Raybiking is great means of transport because with very little effort you move on rather quick, especially in the carving technique. This means you do not sweat a lot when you´re finished raybiking & it is shipped out fast – it should reach you within Europe in a week.


The price of the Raybike includes:

  • fully assembled Raybike. Order,unpack and your ready to go.
  • shipping within European Union & UK, outside those areas shipping fee is applied.
  • 6 months quarantee. Does not apply to moving parts.


Who enjoys most riding Raybike Cruiser?

  • Active city people who like to move and be in good shape.
  • Kids at the age of 2-5 or 10+ . Little one can be put on the deck in front of you. Yes, there is enough space! Or just take your little one with you when you go jogging – He/She can stand on the deck while you get fit.
  • Dog owners of energetic and lively dogs who never seem to get enough of running. On the Raybike you can keep up with your dog.
  • Environmentally friendly green transportation enthusiasts – raybiking keeps your carbon footprint to minimum. Great way to move from/to kindergarden/work/grocery store.


What physios have to say about raybiking?

Raybiking is an excellent way to offer change to the regular stomach-back-buttock type of muscle training as it involves all natural corset muscles of the body. The carving technique gives a good workout to the minor deep muscles that are located in the deepest layers of our trunk – between organs and around the spine.   Pushing from the back is great way to tone up the legmuscles as it gets all the leg muscles working while activating the corset muscles simultanously.                                      

Marit Lüüs, Physiotherapist, MA

Find out more about what physiotherapist has to say in our blog here – link added shortly.

Raybike is just pure fun, lots of fresh air and some exercise while it takes you from A to B. Born in the process of finding ways to windsurf on ice – the inventor of Raybike is a windsurfer and he needed better quality ice-surfing solution, it turned out to be the easiest 3-wheeled body powered vehicle after years of prototyping.

Technical specs

Stand Up: 90L x 52W x 112H [In cm]
Folded: 115L x 52W x 35H [In cm]
Brake: Handbrake
Frame: Metal
Weight: 7.7 Kg
Weight Capacity: 100 Kg
Width: 52 cm
Deck: Non-Slip Plywood
Max number of Riders: 2
Wheels: 200 mm

All Raybikes are handmade and put together by the inventor of the Raybike himself to offer the best quality and craftmanship. The ordered Raybike comes fully assembled – all you have to do is unwrap and start riding – no assembly at your end needed.

Product Features



The design of the deck is built keeping in mind stability – there´s plenty of space for 4 feet (yours and your child´s) to stand on it comfortably and relaxed the entire fun ride.

Easy Steering

We only have 2 hands - one handed steering gives endless opportunities to use the other one for what you need it for. Raybike just needs one. Period.


Try the carving technique for moving on - your body weight creates the momentum. When going for a stroll with the youngest ones of the family, it is recommended to use the pushing technique with leg since for being able to carve you´ll need to move the handlebar. The handlebar offers protection for the little one as well as place to hold on to.


Cruising with Raybike is light exercise ( even though you move on pretty fast), so using Raybike to take You to work is great idea – you can use it wearing smart casual clothes without arriving at the office dripping with sweat! Raybike is also great for picking up your kid or just having some quality family time together - spending time with your kids can also be exercise and fun at the same time.

Grazy Good Bearings

200 mm high-quality wheels and grazy good bearings (ABEC 7) make the ride smooth.

Fold & Go

When facing stairs, getting on public transport or walking up to your office Raybike can be folded. Just let go of the handlebar and carry your folded Raybike to storage or until you can carry on cruising.

Minimum storage

Folded mode is a great spacesaver – it can be stored easily under anything that has 35 cm of space underneath. Even under Your bed or cartrunk for example!

Cool & Natural

You will surely stand out on Raybike as it is novelty item & cool to move on. The body inherent moving spoils your body as we are meant to move!

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