Scooters reinvented

Faster speed, smoother ride.



Feel the difference on a Raybike

Getting around on a Raybike is fast and smooth thanks to the big wheels and crazy-good bearings. No ordinary scooter comes close. You don’t even have to push to keep moving – just wave, as they do on a longboard.

Raybike is the only scooter you can easily control with just one hand. Use the other to call a friend, have a snack or send a text. You can take corners at high speeds without flying off – it’s just that stable.

As for the tricks – you’ll feel at home both on the street or in a skatepark. Try a 180 on a pyramid or grind down a ledge. And since it’s so new, you’ll probably invent something that hasn’t been done before.

The urban choice for getting around

The comfort of riding a Raybike is what makes it unique. You only need one hand for comfortable steering leaving the other free for using your phone or enjoying your coffee. Raybike is stable and fast thanks to smooth wheels and a wide deck. Make the most of the speed without breaking a sweat.

Raybike is great for getting around the town. It’s small enough to be taken with you in a car or onto public transportation. You can hop onto it whenever you want and cover shorter distances. Use your Raybike to go to lunch or for running errands throughout the day.