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Meet the ingenious 3-wheeled body-powered-vehicle Raybike that can be steered with just one hand.

The ingenuity lays in its simplicity – Raybike has everything to make you confidently cruise down the street without breaking a sweat yet moving considerably faster than walking.

The deck is designed to offer maximum stability, even when riding with child.

Riding Raybike will surely drop a few jaws as you cruise down the street as the ride is so smooth  – it looks like it is electric, but really it´s not. The easy carving technique helps you create the speed.

Product highlights

  • Cruise with ease using just one hand holding the handlebar, for braking you just need a couple of fingers. Free hand can be used for walking your dog, carrying what you just got from grocery store, enjoying an ice-cream, having a phone call – endless opportunities.
  • Deck is low enough to keep the ride secure and you feeling safely in control of the ride
  • You can push with leg or use the carving technique to cruise along the street.
  • We’ve invested in high-quality wheels for the maximum effect with minimum impact.
  • Folded handlebar-mode means minimum storage space.

Features the key


The design of the deck is built keeping in mind stability – there´s plenty of space for 4 feet (yours and your child´s) to stand on it comfortably and relaxed the entire fun ride.

Easy Steering

We only have 2 hands - one handed steering gives endless opportunities to use the other one for what you need it for. Raybike just needs one. Period.


Try the carving technique for moving on - your body weight creates the momentum. When going for a stroll with the youngest ones of the family, it is recommended to use the pushing technique with leg since for being able to carve you´ll need to move the handlebar. The handlebar offers protection for the little one as well as a place to hold on to.

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The ride of your life

Everything a push-bike should be

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Raybike – Cruiser


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